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Save time on your social media tasks like planning, content creation, and reporting…. Create your posts for all of your social media channels in less than 3 minutues on EZsocial.

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the One tool that Effortlessly Manages ALL your social media channels.

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Unlimited Social Media Channels

Efficiently manage your business's social media with our powerful tool. Schedule, organize, and analyze multiple accounts, and handle all conversations seamlessly in one place.

Social Media Scheduling

Save time and schedule months' worth of content in minutes with easy-to-use drip automations. Work smarter just took on a whole new meaning.

AI Tool

Just ask CaptionAI to “write new social media captions based on this caption” with your original caption to get up to ten new posts in seconds.

One-Click Social Media Reporting

Generate interactive, easily-digestible social media reports that won't put your clients to sleep, along with performance insights to inform your whip-smart decision-making.

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The Ultimate social media management platform purpose-built for growing business.

Our pricing plans, unique tools and amazing team were built to support businesses just like yours.

Social Content

EZsocial redefines social media management, automating content scheduling with an intuitive social content calendar. Effortlessly save time and stay organized.


Say goodbye to wasted hours and the hassle of guessing trends, keywords, and captions. With EZSocial, creating engaging posts has never been easier.

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Our executive consultant team is dedicated to your success. We provide a smooth onboarding experience and ongoing support to ensure you're always on track

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One Platform for ALL Your Channels

Centralized Management

EZsocial allows you to manage all your social media platforms from a single dashboard. This centralization saves time and simplifies the process of posting, monitoring, and engaging across various channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Automated Scheduling

The platform provides powerful scheduling tools that enable you to plan and automate your social media posts in advance. This feature helps maintain a consistent online presence, even during off-hours or holidays, ensuring your content strategy is executed without constant manual intervention.

Analytics and Reporting

EZsocial offers comprehensive analytics that track the performance of your social media campaigns. You can easily measure engagement rates, follower growth, and other key metrics. These insights are crucial for refining strategies and demonstrating ROI to stakeholders.

Content Curation and Collaboration

It supports team collaboration, allowing multiple users to contribute and review content before it goes live. Additionally, EZsocial can suggest content based on trends and performance, helping you keep your feeds fresh and relevant.

Cost Efficiency

Compared to managing multiple tools or platforms individually, EZsocial can be more cost-effective as it integrates several functionalities into one service. This consolidation can lead to significant savings in both time and money, particularly for agencies and businesses managing multiple client accounts.

Multiple integrations to supercharge your workflow.



RSS Importing

Google Drive Importing

Google Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most commonly asked inquiries. Still have a burning question? Click below to contact our team. 

Yes! We offer a free 7-day trial so you can test drive the software, as well as a free demo and other resources to get you started.

Post as much as you want, to as many of your social media channels you connect to EZsocial during your 7-day FREE trial!

Of course! You can upgrade your plan any time. Price changes will be pro-rated.

Yup, EZsocial has built-in tools to simplify importing your existing social media content so you don’t need to recreate everything from scratch including a Facebook import, Google Drive integration and multiple bulk upload options.

We do! You save $30 to $50 per month on our annual agreement depending on the package you choose.

Use your coupon code and save even more…SAVE $50 to $70 per month!

No! In fact we designed the platform for local small businesses so they could have the social media tools that ad agencies have but at an affordable price!!!

Most of all we want to make managing your social media EZ!