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Everyone loves a great deal and finding new ways to save money.

The Xooker Deal Marketplace is an e-commerce and mobile app where you can purchase vouchers, we call them Gift Certificates, to local restaurants and retailers at huge, discounted prices.

Much like a physical coupon book, you can use Xooker to find and get deals up to 70% off at local businesses.

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Last Chance Deals

Local Business Community

Your local business community wants you to try them, so to encourage you they are offering a big discount on their products and services. But you must hurry because there are only a limited number of gift certificates available from each merchant.
Our passion at Xooker is to connect local customers with local businesses to promote a “Win–Win” for both parties. The goal is for our communities to Eat Local, Shop Local, and Support Local. So, when you visit our business partners, join their Loyalty and Rewards Club and receive incentives for your continued support as a returning customer. They’ll like seeing you and you’ll love the money you save!

Categories of Businesss

View all the different categories of businesses in your area, there is something for everyone! We have all types of restaurants, retail shopping stores, Health, Fitness, beauty, Med Spas, home services, and automotive as well as deals on fun things to do and more!
Here at Xooker, we love supporting our local communities and the charities that support them. So now you can donate to your favorite charity, a portion of your savings when you purchase a gift certificate, we call it “Save While You Give”.

How Deal Marketplace works:

You’re only a few clicks away from saving money!

Once you’re on the website or app, you can start looking for deals. You will be prompted to turn on “Location Services”, this will provide you with a better shopping experience and give you the closest offers and deals to your location. You can search all the deals or by category, such as “Food and Drink”, business name or by city.

Once you find a deal on Xooker that you’d like to buy, look at the terms of the deal and add it to your virtual cart. We’ll show you how much you saved and ask you if you would like to make a donation to your favorite charity from a portion of the money you just saved. 100% of your donation goes to the charity you select. We call this “Save While You Give”.
Enter your credit card information to complete your order.

Once you’ve purchased your gift certificate, you access it from the Xooker app to redeem it. No more paper vouchers to worry about, such as forgetting them at home when you’re checking out. The Xooker app makes it easy to redeem:

  1. go to your wallet on the Xooker app.
  2. Click on “Gift Certificates” and select the one you want to redeem.
  3. click on the red “Redeem” button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Scan the QR code provided by the merchant at check out and show the redemption screen to the merchant.

Send Gift Certificates to Family and Friends

The Xooker Deal Marketplace is also a great way to shop for your family and friends’ gifts for the holidays and special occasions. You can send the gift certificate right to their phone making it easy for them to redeem.
If the recipient lives in another city, click on that city and send them a gift certificate to their favorite local business. Here’s how it works:

  1. At check out click on “Add Gift”, you will then get to customize your gift card.
  2. Fill out the information about the recipient along with a message you would like to share with them.
  3. Enter the date you want the gift card sent (received by the recipient instantly once sent).
  4. Click “Add Gift” and proceed to checkout.

The recipient will receive a text message that you have sent them a gift and to check their email to claim it.

Xooker Deal Marketplace

Our users love us more than the other deal sites because they know we champion the little guys and not the big chains. We have more local deals, especially with restaurants, than our competition.

Xooker gives you, our users, multiple ways to save money when eating out and shopping while also knowing you’re supporting local business owners.

Xooker Deal Marketplace users love that they can sign up to get notified when a deal is available again so that they don’t miss out on saving and supporting that local merchant.

Are you a Local Business?

Local businesses like to use Xooker and Deal Marketplace so they can advertise and attract new customers. In today’s market, people are looking to save money and are making their shopping and buying decisions based on where they can receive a discount.

The businesses that partner with us have the ability to draw in new customers by offering them reduced prices. By appealing to people who are seeking deals and an opportunity to save money Xooker drives traffic and revenue, but more importantly profit for you, our business client.

What’s the difference between Xooker and the other deal websites and apps?

  • With Xooker you make money!
  • We advertise your business not just the deal.
  • Xooker provides you with the tools to remarket to those customers to drive repeat business inexpensively, so you don’t just see them when they have a big discount deal.
  • We limit the number of deals available.
  • We limit the number of deals a customer can buy.
  • The promotional discount is only available for up to 90 days.
  • Our commission averages half of what the other deal discount companies charge.
  • The credit card processing comes out of our commission, not yours.
  • We pay you for what is sold! The other companies pay you for what’s redeemed. (they keep the money on deals sold but not redeemed).
  • We handle all the details in setting up the deal and managing it, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • We pay you twice a month!

Xooker Deal Marketplace

The Xooker Deal Marketplace philosophy is different because it’s only one part of our solution to increasing your sales and profits. In fact, it’s just one of more than 18 features you have available to you on our platform. With the competition, it’s the only thing they have to offer.

We use Deal Marketplace to increase brand and product visibility for your businesses and to introduce your company to customers who aren’t familiar with your goods or services. We persuade prospective ready-to-buy customers to try your products.
The aim is simple, help local restaurants and merchants get discovered and grow your sales by getting new customers in your doors and then getting them to come back more often. We accomplish this by providing you with all the tools you need on one platform. No longer do you need multiple vendors. Xooker is the one-stop shop that has mobile-digital advertising and social media marketing all in one and the best prices in the industry.

The main advantage of the Xooker Deal Marketplace

The main advantage of the Xooker Deal Marketplace is our ability to bring a large number of customers to your business. Everyone likes a deal, in fact, recent studies showed that 83% of customers stated they would be willing to try a new product or service if there was a big enough incentive.

Sign Up Now!

Customers  who sign up for deal marketplace seem intent on keeping their money and loyalty local. National studies show the same with over 45% stating that they are more likely to purchase a deal if it is offered by a local business. Business today is more competitive than ever, and you need every advantage possible. Deal Marketplace will grow your brand awareness even if you are on a limited advertising budget.

You’ll notice we have more restaurants on our deal marketplace than the other deal sites and apps, that’s because restaurants make money on our platform! With our competition restaurants lose money.

Restaurant deals attract customers

Restaurant deals attract customers because the average American eats out 6 times per week.
A recent study showed that nearly 163 million Americans dine out at least once per week, and 64 percent of adults dine out at least once a week, according to the survey. Almost 50 percent of adults say that dining out is an essential part of their lifestyle.
Having more restaurants on our platform means more customers coming to the Xooker Deal Marketplace.

So, if you’re a non-restaurant on our Deal Marketplace that means more people will see your deal and learn more about your business.

We can help you promote and sell

Deal Marketplace is not just about new customers, we can help you promote and sell slow-moving products in your inventory. We can help you fill your open capacity whether it be a yoga class, fitness class, or karate class, with minimal incremental costs.

Attracting your new customer is just the beginning. Getting your new customer back is the key to generating long-term higher profits. Xooker gives you the technology tools to have a mobile and digital “Loyalty and Rewards Club”. Get your new customers to opt in and join so you can reward them for coming back to you again and again.

By having a Loyalty and rewards club, you are creating the most important asset of your business database of your customers. Now you can reach out to them via their mobile phone, the one thing they always have with them, and let them know what specials you have to incentivize them to patronize you.

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