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Booster Club / Charity Fundraising

Looking to turn donation seekers into revenue generators? Xooker’s fundraising program connects booster clubs and charities with local merchants, who host events through a dine-to-donate or shop-to-donate program.

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Transform "NO" into "YES"

Xooker’s Charity Fundraising feature means that there are no more buying booster club ads or making donations. Our merchants now have the option to say yes to EVERY charitable organization. 

Easy Way to Support your local Booster Club or Charity

There are 6 simple steps to help support your local Booster Club or Charity through the Xooker App!
STEP 1: Download the FREE Xooker app
STEP 2: Create an account
STEP 3: On the Main page, scroll down to Booster Clubs & Charities, then click “See All”
STEP 4: Click on the “All Clubs” tab
STEP 5: Click the “+” next to the booster club/charity you would like to add to your list and it will add to your “My Clubs” tab
STEP 6: Receive Notifications for upcoming events and participate in your booster club/charity’s dine-to-donate events!

Benefits of Xooker

Work Less - Raise MORE!

Raise More Money Fast!
Our Dine-to-Donate and Shop-to-Donate events are a great way to raise money quickly and efficiently. By partnering with local merchants, your supporters can enjoy a delicious meal or do some shopping, all while supporting your cause.

Simple & Convenient!
Our program is simple and easy to use. We provide you with all the tools you need to promote your event and track your progress, and our team is always here to support you every step of the way ( If you ever need it! ). Participating merchants love our program because it brings in new customers and boosts their business activity on typically slow days or nights.

Easy To Manage!
Managing your fundraiser has never been easier. With Xooker’s Fundraising Program, you can easily track donations and see how much money you’ve raised. Plus, our platform allows you to communicate with your supporters and keep them engaged throughout the fundraising process. So, what are you waiting for? Start raising money for your booster club or charity today with Xooker’s Fundraising Program!

Let Xooker help YOU fundraise!

If you're looking for a simple & easy way to raise funds for your Booster Club or Charity then you've come to the right place! It's simple, free and extremely easy to manage.