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Everyone is looking for a good deal. As the trend towards mobile-based couponing continues, there will be a growing number of people looking to mobile apps for savings. Xooker’s unique approach to mobile rewards and deals provides that and more. Watch this video and see why consumers love saving money at their favorite restaurants and shops with Xooker.


Merchants are the bread and butter of Xooker. Without good merchants, what consumers are going to download the app? Luckily, our merchants love us as much as we love them. Don’t take our word for it – watch the video and see what our merchants are saying about Xooker.

The App

Play games. Earn Points. Save money. That’s the simple idea behind Xooker, and what has helped make it the fastest growing mobile rewards app in the United States. Our easy to use interface, addicting mini-games and money-saving points system keeps consumers engaged with the app. Watch the video to learn more about what sets Xooker apart from other rewards platforms.

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