how it works

merchant benefits:

access to local consumers

You get access to our entire consumer database. Xooker's games and giveaways will attract consumers and bring them to your door.

ability to grow your consumer base

Our consumers pick their favorite merchants. When they choose you as a favorite, you then have an abundance of ways to market to them through the Xooker platform.

check ins

Our consumers play games for points and rewards, but they also receive points and rewards for just visiting our merchants. Once a consumer walks in your establishment they are automatically checked in, receiving valuable benefits. We also direct them to specific Merchants on special days.


Our platform gives consumers an entire arcade of fun games to earn points & rewards.

free deals & deal of the day

Our merchants have the option to offer a series of deals and coupons to entice consumers. Merchants can be the featured "Deal of the Day"

consumer analytics

Get never before available information about your customers through our proprietary analytics. Know how often your customers visit your business, how often they look at your offers, how often they redeem your offers as well as how to maximize your interaction, to increase visits without having to offer discounts.

marketing to all devices - phone/tablet/laptop/desktop pc

Xooker is not just an app, but a platform. Therefore you can go from phone to tablet to computer. This gives us a much broader and larger audience then ordinary apps.

free onsite promotions

Our Merchants will get a Xooker promotion team to market at their location. This will be a fun, free promotion with giveaways and games. We will advertise this event on Xooker.

push notifications

You will have the ability to notify consumers at a moment's notice of new or timely promotions you want to run.

daily giveaways*

Xooker is the "Home of the $500 a day Giveaway". We will have a daily contest that rewards a Xooker consumer with $500 in mobile gift certificates to our merchants. Consumers must log in daily and play a merchant branded game to be eligible. We buy these gift cards from Xooker merchants.

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